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Information on the tables, fields, behavior and such?

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  • Information on the tables, fields, behavior and such?

    I am new to 3dcart, and was asked to build a little app to pull order records from a store and deal with them in certain ways. The only information I've really been given about how to do this was a link to the "3dcart REST API" page, here:

    Following the links from that page have shown me some stuff about what the valid SOAP requests are and what their responses will be. However, it all seems to assume that the reader understands what the layout of the underlying DB is, what the meanings of the fields are, how the system operates, et cetera.

    For example, I see in that website how I can build a syntactically correct request for a certain order. And I see a description of what the response will look like. But... what does it mean? I don't really see that. For example, consider the "OrderStatusID" field that is returned to me: It is described as "database reference = orders.order_status", "type" = "integer", and "additional information" = "none". So, OK, I guess it will somehow tell me what the order status is. But how does it tell me that? What integer value has what meaning?

    And (for lack of a better word) what are the MEANINGS of those meanings? For example, it's one thing to know that "integer value 37 means New", but what does "New" mean? This sort of thing seems like something I'd have to understand in order to deal with the appropriate orders in an appropriate manner.

    An additional example would be the "OrderID" field in the response, along with the "Offset" field in the request. I am guessing that perhaps I can get the records I haven't dealt with by remembering the OrderID of the most recent one I've dealt with, and then providing that plus one as the "Offset". But there's nothing in the document that really says that that's the meaning of those fields -- for example "Offset" only has the vague description "Starting point for the return data". And beyond that, even if I'm guessing correctly that those are the meanings of those fields, there doesn't seem to be anything in the document that really says whether my plan is appropriate for the way the system behaves or not. For example, I could imagine that it's possible that maybe at some point I'll ask for "offset = 37", and be given records 37, 38, and 40. If so, is it definitely true that order 39 will never exist? And I can therefore safely ask for "offset = 41" next?

    These are just examples. Answers to them would be appreciated, of course, but more generally: Is there any additional documentation anywhere about stuff like this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    A little late to the game here, but somewhere I obtained a 3 page chart of database cross references ( 1 page each for Orders, products and customers). there is an order_status table that has the text for each order status. When we pull orders, we do so for orders with status of new, and then update the status to "in progress' so they do not get pulled again.