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Basics of writing 3D Cart Plugin

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  • Basics of writing 3D Cart Plugin

    I am quite new to 3D Cart. I need to have a customization done during product selection. I am also a programmer so I would like to create a plug-in to do this.

    I have seen the APIs which look exhaustive. But I have not found any documentation on the basics of writing the plug in (language, protocols, Do's and Don'ts, how to integrate with 3DCart workflow, etc). Can someone point me to the right direction ?

    I may also be able to use a consultant. Can someone give me references ?


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    Last time I tried barking up this tree, they were very closed to the idea of us writing our own plugins, unless we were writing it as a commercial product to sell and feature on their platform.

    You can try having 3dCart do custom programming for your store, but in our experience this usually isn't worth the hassle. The more "custom" your store becomes at the platform level, the less support you will receive because regular support staff don't know about, or don't have experience with plugins and custom code.

    With that said, depending what you are trying to do, you may be able to use JavaScript/jQuery to do most things on-page.


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      Alupis, thanks a lot for your response. What I need is to add product option lookup from a 3rd party site. This is an automotive product and the vehicle specification data is really large. We are talking about millions of option data which are constantly changing.

      So, if we get into specifics, is it possible to modify selective product templates to allow additional option dropdowns which will be served by data fetched from external webservice APIs ? I am thinking of adding a Text option field to the product and populate that with final selected configuration option using Javascript. That will absolutely work for me.

      Question is where can I find these product templates and whether I can selectively use specific templates for a set of products.


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        Hmm, I think I've seen sites with similar setup's (automotive stores for the most part). Since your data is dynamic, you can't really setup product variations for every possibility ahead of time. This does seem like it might require custom work at the platform level.

        To get going in that direction, you'll need to contact the 3dCart sales team (1-800-828-6650, take option 1). Explain you need to build a custom plugin, and they should hand you off to the correct person.


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          Thanks a lot Alupis. I did contact them but they said they are 10-12 weeks backlogged. Will not work for me.


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            Hello, I wanted to share what I learned in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately it has been a slow progress as I am having to learn the 3DCart ways in bits and pieces.

            There is NO way to write or change any server side code in 3DCart. If you need to interact with the backend database or want to put a custom functionality in your pages, you need to have another site hosting your webservices and other applications. 3DCart only allows you to modify client-side html - so whatever you can do with Javascript / JQuery will be all customization you can have on 3DCart side.