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Use 3dcart as payment portal for external app

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  • Use 3dcart as payment portal for external app

    I maintain an app for my kids' school that parents use to sign up for the annual school retreat.

    Our school uses 3dcart for various other things. However, the retreat sign-up app contains complex, dynamic logic which cannot be effectively ported into the 3dcart framework. Therefore, what we would like to do is have users complete the sign-up process through the app, and then once the app has determined the total amount they need to pay, redirect them over to our 3dcart for payment of that amount. Then, ideally, once they finish paying, they would be redirected back to the sign-up for a final confirmation page.

    Can we do this? If so, what would the 3dcart API workflow look like?

    One thing I'm confused about in trying to answer this question myself is that the orders API documentation ( claims (emphasis added), "The HTTP method/verb (GET and PUT) is also used to determine if the request will retrieve or update (POST and DELETE are not possible with orders) an order record(s)," but right below that one of the documented API calls is a POST which claims to create an order.

    If, indeed, it is possible to create orders through the API, can we just create an order with the necessary total amount -- without any actual products included in the order -- and then redirect the user to the payment page for that order to remit payment? Or would we need to create "products" matching the amount people might have to pay and then add them to the order, so that the total amount of the order when adding up all of its "products" is correct?

    Another feature we would need is the ability to automatically add a processing fee to the order if the user chooses to pay by credit cart rather than electronic check. The amount of money we collect from retreat sign-ups is quite large, and we can't afford to lose several percent of it to credit-card processing fee, so we need to ask people who want to pay by credit card rather than electronic check to pay for the fee. Would it be possible for us to do this within the workflow I've described?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    You may want to consider Jotform for your whole project. You can do conditioal forms, calculations and payments. It might be a lot simpler than trying to integrate with 3dcart.


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      The retreat registration app is already completely implemented and has been in production use for years. I do not have the time to re-implement the entire app in jotform, and I'm fairly certain that the functionality offered by jotform would not be sufficient to replicate all of the functionality in the existing app in as user-friendly a form as it is currently implemented. Believe me, I've looked at a lot of online form-building sites, and none of them have come close to being able to do what the registration app does.

      Furthermore, as I noted in my question, the reason why I want to integrate with 3dcart is because the school is already using it for other things and my goal here is to unify all of the school's online payments under a single platform. Using jotform would not achieve that. If I am going to have to use something other than 3dcart to implement online payments for retreat registration, then I might as well just use Paypal, which supports the functionality I outlined in my question.