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Manufaturer Name in GET 3dCartWebAPI/v1/Products

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  • Manufaturer Name in GET 3dCartWebAPI/v1/Products

    The documentation says the ManufacturerName should be returned with this request, but I only get the ID back. The field ManufacturerName is always blank. Is there some trick to populating this field?

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    Hi ozzyonfire, Thanks for reaching out. I have created a ticket for our developers to investigate. Generally issues like this are resolved within a week or two. To better track the status of this ticket, I would suggest emailing [email protected].


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      So it's been over a month and this still hasn't been resolved. Any updates?


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        ozzyonfire Sorry for the late update on this. This was addressed in version 8 and is being rolled out to all stores. This process does take some time but rest assure your store will be updated within the next 2 - 3 weeks possibly earlier. Thanks for your patience!


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          EDIT: Nevermind, re-read your original post.

          Which form of the API are you using? I took the c# API, modified it to be used as a class library for a desktop application. I also did not have this information available to me.

          To fix, I added:
          public string ManufacturerName { get; set; }
          to the General Info Region of the Product Class File: Product.cs

          I tested and was able to return the Manufacturers Name successfully.