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Advanced Options Getting Wiped

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  • Advanced Options Getting Wiped

    All the advanced options for a product get wiped when I use the PUT endpoint to save multiple items.

    The body of the request contains an array or items. I want to update the AdvancedOptionItems field on the item object, however whenever this is included in the request, it changes all of the AdvancedOptionCode fields, and wipes AdvancedOptionStock and AdvancedOptionSufix.

    Reproduction steps:
    GET an item using Make sure the item has options and AdvancedOptions.
    You should have a full object containing all the information.
    Change a field (e.g. SKUInfo.Price) and send that same object in the request body to PUT
    Receive a success 200 response.
    Note that the product should have an updated price, but the advanced options will be wiped of all SKU and Stock information.