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Price Decimal Place Setting of 0 Messes Up Emailed Order Summary (rounds tax #s)

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    Originally posted by Pixel Relish View Post
    Thank you sooooo much: The above appears to work! I have a couple more templates to test, then will move all over to the live site, hopefully by no later than 3 PM PST, if you want to check out.

    I seriously appreciate your help. 3dcart Support won't even admit that the way they have things set up is throwing an error by affecting [otax] figures within email templates (as mentioned, the decimal setting should never have been applied to tax values, because rarely will such end in .00, and rounding up or down is incorrect); Support acts as if I'm asking them to do something special for us rather than simply fix an error in their system. Been very frustrating.

    Glad to be able to remove the warning I had to add to our email template directing people to download their receipt rather than relying on the accuracy of email summary figures. Made us look like such idiots!
    Happy I could help. I gave the site a look, and it appears to be working.


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      Your solution stopped working, and I'm trying to figure out why. Any ideas?