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  • Query Call To 3dCart Store Database

    I have an elaborate system of Google Sheets that allow me to customize and automate product ordering based on variations in vendor ordering processes and tailored to my physical store operations for my ecommerce business.

    My current process requires me to go to 3dCart admin Reports and export the .csv file for Top Products for the last 30 days with item options considered then upload to Google Sheet so that my sheet is up to date on sales and dynamically alters to meet current demand.

    I was looking to automate the export/import process to my sheet.

    I was able to locate a script that allows me link the Google Sheets with my 3dCart store to make queries on my store database. What I need is the SELECT statement to call for the data that is returned when I navigate to REPORTS->PRODUCTS->TOP PRODUCTS->LAST 30 DAYS->CONSIDER ITEM OPTIONS in my 3dCart store admin user panel.

    In other words, I need to make a database call that QUERIES MY 3DCART AND RETURNS -> TOP PRODUCTS, LAST 30 DAYS, WITH ITEM OPTIONS CONSIDERED.

    Just so you have a heads up with the kind of person your dealing with, I am very new to any of this and am learning on an at need basis with no real education concerning programming etc. This is my basic approach to most things. :-) Thank you for your help!

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    I think you are better off downloading the entire data, then build the script to do what you want within Excel.

    An Excel specialist can do that for you for not too much money. I can even suggest someone for you as I recently hired someone create some scripts from us (from store data) and he did a superb job.