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REST API Update Product Options Causes Duplicate Options

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  • REST API Update Product Options Causes Duplicate Options

    First, I'm getting an OptionSet by using the api documented here:
    I'm changing the OptionValue property of each Option in the OptionSet.

    Once that is done, I'm updating by following the api documentation here:

    What I end up with is every option in the OptionSet is duplicated. It's like it's doing an Insert for the Option instead of an Update. Can someone shed some light on this please?

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    Double check that you are using "Put" and not "Post". The "Post" command will create new options and other than the verb difference the endpoints are the same. If that's not the problem, you should contact 3DCart support directly. I've had issues with the API not being correctly documented and they've managed to help.


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      Thanks for the reply. I am using the PUT verb. I thought the same thing and have checked that multiple times.

      It seems the OptionSet does get an UPDATE in the database, but all of the Options inside of its OptionList property get an INSERT run on the database.


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        I'd try contacting 3DCart support. I usually do it via my store help interface. I've had issues with Categories that they found work arounds for.