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Anyone using Amazon Product Ads?

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  • Anyone using Amazon Product Ads?

    Was curious to hear of any experiences (good or bad) with Amazon Product Ads CPC program.

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    We do but very limited and very targeted.
    There's a lot of horror stories on CPC. The unwise can spend a lot quickly with little return.

    We only run ads for between 2-8 products at a time.


    We only run ads for our products that we make so nobody else has them. That way we don't show up as ads at the bottom we show in the actual product search in a niche category. Our Amazon viewers tend to view fewer pages but stay much longer on the site than average, IE they found something and really look at it.

    Best advise: Do NOT load your entire catalog. several of your categories are loaded with products.

    Find a weak category or two with little competition.

    Retro dinnerware and Nacho warmers/supplies only pop up 60-70 on a quick check.

    Consider your top sellers first in them.

    See if you have "unique products" that you can offer they will show directly on the search instead of at the bottom as ads.

    Start small while learning and adjust from their.

    Just my spin,

    Good luck,
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      Our experience with Amazon product ads shoppers is that they are mostly a one item purchase type of customer. They come in, buy one item and go.
      I don't think they have any loyalty, and they are not our typical type of multi-unit shopper that browses the site and buys a little of this and a little of that.


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        I've had great luck with Amazon product ads. It converts better now than Google product search, which used to dominate but has fallen off (maybe because they're showing competitors pricing through Google Toolbar).
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          We don't use their product ads but list our products in their Pro Merchant store, and are very happy with that.

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            We uploaded a 20,000 product data file to them to experiment and see what kind of results we got with the $75 of free credit.

            The $75.00 resulted in a couple hundred clicks, and one purchase for $42.00. Needless to say we stopped using them after we burned through the free money.


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              We tried to get set up but they didn't like our image size and wanted us to make them bigger by adding more white space but then it did not comply with the product taking up enough of the image!

              What really was upsetting was that none of the others that were using the product adds for the same categories were required to abide by the image rules!

              Now they call and email all the time wanting us to use them. They don't seem to get it.