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Pay-Per-Click Management?

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  • Pay-Per-Click Management?

    I'm considering solid cactus for pay per click management (adwords etc) and I was wondering if anyone here has a firm taking care of this for them and if they've had any successes here. Unfortunately, I just don't have the expertise or time to do this myself. I'd appreciate any information or suggestions you have.


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    We hired a reputable company to manage our Adwords PPC and after 6 months with no real noticeable improvement in revenue, we discontinued the service. We use Solid Cactus for our call center, and I do like them as a company but have not used their PPC services.


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      Thanks for your response. Did you give up on pay per click altogether or are you saying that doing it yourself was just as effective?


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        Went back to doing it ourselves. Like you, we struggle to find the time to manage it properly and feel like we should be doing more, but just didn't see the results after paying for it for six months.
        We are in a competitive industry with big players, could be an entirely different experience for you depending on your situation?


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          @lfleming, thanks for taking the time.

          I'd be very interested to hear if anyone else has found some success with managed ppc


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            3dcart - PPC

            Just signed up w/ 3dcart PPC management - taking longer than we expected to set up the campaigns - stay tuned.


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              I'm interested in hearing a follow up.


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                I am making the time to learn PPC, last time I outsourced I lost money. This person is in another forum I belong too and has given good answers in the forum on PPC. Please mention you were referred by Ray in the Perry Marshal Google Group if you do contact him.

                Richard Boureston
                Red Fox Associates
                “I make your customer worth more money!”
                Phone: 931-287-9688


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                  Originally posted by windycityparrot View Post
                  Just signed up w/ 3dcart PPC management - taking longer than we expected to set up the campaigns - stay tuned.
                  Interested in hearing the follow up as well.


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                    Hi Mitch,
                    We've had a misunderstanding internally. Either Dave or I will call you this afternoon. I never received notification to begin your project, that's why you're waiting... I'll get it handled ASAP...