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    This may be an extremely anal question, but SEO type work isn't my strong suit, so I thought I would try to get people's input.

    When I search for my business name I don't get many hits that are actually my business for The Dancing Daisy, however I get a lot more for

    I guess my question is does this hurt my seach engine rankings? It isn't just bc it is the url, on some sites it is listed as The Dancing Daisy and others
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    No one has responded so I'll give you my novice 2 cents.

    From what I understand, you really care about getting links to your url, so that should be a good thing. As long as your site is indexed in the search engine and you can "find" it by typing your business name, I don't think you benefit by having more "name" references. SEO is about content and popularity. The popularity is from having many links from popular site (ie, high page rank).

    One of the free SEO tool site I use is Link Vendor. Specifically you can look at link and domain popularity:

    I did a quick scan on your domain popularity and at least for Yahoo, I got back this:
    227 Backlinks from 29 Domains found according to YahooPageRanks:
    LinkStrength: 0.20
    If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you setting up an account with Google Webmaster Tools. It'll show you a lot of Google specific SEO stuff for your site.

    Last, again, I'm a novice on SEO, so take this with a grain of salt...


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      I have two versions of my webstore, but they both lead to my store page, so no matter how they spell it they end up at the same place.

      I did a google site search, and you have 1610 pages and they are showing 3 links to your website.


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        I know my SEO is lacking. I would love to spend a lot more time than I currently do and have.

        I appreciate the input. I kind of gathered what has been said, but I just wanted to make sure.


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          You could use PPC ads with a low min bid to pop up in SERPs until you can do it organically.


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            I use PPC for the first year and a half I was in business and it cost me a small fortune and I received very little in return. Basically, the return I got was very small in comparison to what I was paying. Thank you for your input though.

            I am hoping to spend more time on SEO this year.