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Can a DMOZ listing hurt your SEO?

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  • Can a DMOZ listing hurt your SEO?

    Just curious if a DMOZ listing can be detrimental to your web ranking?

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    I don't see how it could.

    The only way, and this is a longshot, is perhaps you're listed in something thats far beyond what your site actually is.


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      And, the funny thing is, there is no way to remove your listing! :mad:


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        Title and Descript DMOZ

        I have not seen the inclusion in DMOZ hurt site linking but have seen where Google opts to use a DMOZ title and description. This usually happens if what you have as a Title and Description is either not present or not in the correct format.

        As we are all aware, the T&D is important so if you see this happening, you should adjust the Title and Description and then put in a NOODP tag.

        Here is additional information from Matt Cutts:



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          DMOZ is dead.
          I think we will try to get out of it, because, they are no longer updating their database regularly and there is so many stale/dead links in there. We really wish Google would reconsider their weighting of DMOZ entries....
          And, the title and descriptions are what the 'editors" feel is relevant to your website. So, a bunch of "volunteers" edit your descriptive tags to what they want, NOT what the site owner has invested time and money into relevant listings. YAWN........
          The "Human" factor is gone. :rolleyes:
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