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Maintaining your Ranking When Changing Carts

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  • Maintaining your Ranking When Changing Carts

    Would like to move my other store to 3D but have heard that you have to start over again to build up your page ranking again. Is this true than why is that since the domain is still the same?

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    3dCart gives you tools to help with this. You can point OLD urls to the NEW urls, or, in some cases, keep the same exact urls you had before. We move stores from other shopping cart on a daily basis and never seen any major drops in search engine results, in fact, we see major increases once a store is migrated over thanks to the SEO tools 3dcart has turned on by default.
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      How do you point OLD URL's to new ones?


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        You use what is called a 'redirect' - a way to map all of the old pages to the new pages. One of the worst things you can let happen is for a search engine or customer to come to your site and the page is not there. It may have been replaced by a new page but that is confusing and takes people (and the search engine) awhile to figure out.

        Under Settings -> General -> Redirect you can list all of your old page names and their new equivalent. This may take awhile. If it is a really long list you can give it to 3dcart support and they can upload it for you.


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          We moved from another cart a few months ago.

          What is the easiest way to generate a list of old url's that are no longer valid?



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            Looks for your own site in the search engines. See what pages they have indexed. Since you moved awhile ago you've already incurred some damage since those pages are not found. What happens when you try to go to those pages on your 3dcart site?