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  • Anyone Using Overflow Cafe?

    Hello, Im thinking about using this co. for SEO. I was wondering if anyone has heard of them or are using them? They are an SEO company
    Overflow Cafe Makes Websites Popular. Website Promotion, Marketing, Advertising, SEO, SEM
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    Looks too good to be true!

    Maybe it is the deal of the century, but usually if it looks too good to be true, it is. $29.95/mo for top notch SEO (recommends 6 month to see results). Kind of like the wrinkle cream. after 6 months they have made $180 off of you.

    I can have an open mind if shown otherwise.

    This guy also has questions

    This person signed on and can not reach them by phone
    Overflow Cafe - Toronto, ON

    They had a complaint on BBB and did not respond to request
    Overflow Cafe Business Review in Toronto, ON - Mid-Western & Central Ontario BBB


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      Thank you for that info! and thanks for taking the time to check them out!
      Yea, I wondered why they were so cheap!
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        I agree ....
        (and we have all heard them)
        "If it sounds too good ...."
        "Buyer beware ...."
        "Read the fine print ...."
        "Never rush into an agreement...."
        And of course we all know to "research and look into it before buying/spending/signing" Which is exactly why you asked BEFORE signing up!!!


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          Here's the best way of looking at it...

          Where are they ranked for their own website? If they are so good at getting others on the first page of google...they DEFINITELY should be there.

          Just looking at the title tag of the home page, the main keywords they are using are: website promotion, marketing, advertising, SEO, SEM. I used SEOBook's rank checker...and that website isn't even ranked at all on any of the major search engines for ANY of the terms. Just for fun, i also looked up search engine optimization, search engine marketing, website optimization, website marketing. Not ranked for anything.

          If they are good at SEO, then I am good at being a billionaire.


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            when you call them, the recording says "mail box full" Hum.....
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              I have no doubt these guys are not busy because of their pricing scheme but i assure you you won't get an enormous amount of individual attention for only $29.95 even if they are outsourcing. if you want good work cheap with someone who pays attention outsource on there are some very good seo guys on there who work cheap.

              In regards to them not ranking themself for extremely highly competitive search terms, this is a moot point. SEO is among the most competitive niches on the planet. You are talking about tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people on the planet who do some sort of SEO so getting to the first page of google is unrealistic, however most niches have plenty of non competitive search terms they can easily rank for and cherry pick. Which is what I do for myself with Article Marketing and Profile link building.
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