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Can't redirect a removed manufacturer page

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  • Can't redirect a removed manufacturer page

    Occasionally, we stop selling products from a manufacturer. It doesn't make any sense to list a brand in the manufacturers drop down, so for the best user experience, it would make sense to remove it from the list. However, the manufacturer page still gets a lot of organic traffic. I asked 3dcart support how to deal with this and was told to delete the manufacturer and then create a redirect to another page, where I would consolidate this list and point customers to alternative products. I did this. It didn't work. Now 3dcart support is telling me it that redirects won't work with manufacturer pages. (I so wish they would know the answer before writing back.) So now I'm told the only way redirect is to use the redirect feature in the manufacturers page. OK, that would create the redirect, but it wouldn't take the manufacturer off the list visible to the customer. So the customers will keep trying to select brands that we don't offer anymore. That's a terrible solution. Support is telling me to try javascript to hid those brands, but that's just a bandaid for something that wasn't designed well. Any other ideas?

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    One way to overcome that is to hard code your manufacturer list. It isn't hard to do.


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      It wouldn't be, but I've already gone down the road and have 200ish populated with the manufacturer feature. But now I've been told it is possible with 301 redirects. At least it did on a test site according to one support rep. Doesn't work on my site still, so they're looking into it.


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        And now after many emails back and forth, including one from a rep stating he tried it and it worked, that it doesn't work that way. I'm in utter disbelief that 3dcart can't do simple redirects. This is internet 101 stuff here.