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Are does Directory good?

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  • Are does Directory good?

    Is adding my site to Web directory like does gonna help my PR or hurt it ?

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    assuming you are referring to page rank?

    all incoming links can only help page rank.


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      ...unless its from a link farm...


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        you think does 2 link are link farm? are they bad for my page rank or just a waist of time?


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          unless you know what you're doing, it is probably a waste of your time. but it certainly will not hurt you. it can only hurt you to link to bad neighborhoods.


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            Yes, correct, but also be sure to only link to sites that are pretty much related interest to yours. That's actually logical (I don't mean if you sell cosmetics to request a link from obviously this is your competitor) but you'll want to get links that are related, so that when you are attracting traffic, the visitors you get were actually looking for what you offer.

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              Does anybody know of any good directories?
              The DMOZ project, in my opinion is a failure, because, with so many categories and not enough reviewers, it's just stagnant. Volunteers choose website content and consider suggestions, but, if your category is not represented by volunteer reviewer, any suggestion you submit, or any site in that category, will not be submitted. I was entered in 2006 for one of my sites, but can't get my other site listed. Now, while this is a volunteer project, it just seems silly to have categories assigned to voluteer reviewers that have moived on, passed away or otherwise stopped reviewing in their category.
              So, DMOZ is out, does anyone know of a popular directory that has "active" reviewers that may consider your suggestion for review? :rolleyes:
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                unfortunately the DMOZ has gone to the's pretty useless and outdated by nearly a decade.
                but, many SEO crawlers still use their info.
                I would like to submit to a more modern directory that SEO crawlers use. Anybody know of a directory that means something? :confused: