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    I had a customer who contacted via live help stating she was having issues with checking out. She stated the following problem: "when i input my credit card number and hit the check out button it deletes the last 4-8 numbers of my card. then tells be the card nyumber is not valid."

    I have gotten other orders today, including one less than 20 minutes before this customer without any problems. I ran a test order myself and no matter what I tried I could not re-create the problem. Since I am not having issues with any other customers or when I placed a test order with cc myself, I am convinced it was "user error". Unfortunately, I don't know what was being done wrong.

    I believe she tried several times with the same issue. The last time she tried, she got a new error that said, "the card can't be charged at this time".

    Anyone else run into this problem before? Any ideas what the deal could be? Since I couldn't re-create it and wasn't having issues with any of my other customers, I really didn't know how to fix it for her.

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    make sure she wasn't entering spaces or dashes - you must enter the numbers only.

    If she added extra characters it may cut them off and only send the first 16 - or whatever the length of the number is.
    C Ekman
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      She said she was entering only the credit card numbers with no dashes or spaces. Although, after she said that she told me she was going to try one more time, and that time her credit card actually failed. And she told me that was impossible because she just paid it off a couple weeks before.

      I have never had any other problems other than this one, so I am chalking it up to user error.