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    Anyone have any issues with processing transactions on your website?

    I have had a bunch of customers over the past couple days say that their transaction is being declined due to "incorrect billing state and country" yet there is nothing wrong.

    I am using

    Is there a setting within 3dCart that I should change to avoid this?

    I know it is an error because I ran a test with my own company credit card and received the same error response.

    Thanks for your help!
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    its funny you mention it because the same happens to my site. I've had clients claiming they've tried to buy and they get declined. I asked about it and what you have to do it go to user settings and then go to avs settings. There you can choose how strict you want your system to be about avs mismatches. In the end, I left it with the same settings because there's so much fraud out there, that i want to make sure clients are using valid cards. if anything, try to live support online chat with it's pretty efficient.


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      Thought I'd revive this thread. We get a ton of declines with for international customers. They're not fraudulent charges, but their banks don't support the AVS system. If we turn off AVS it works, but that leaves us open to real fraudulent charges. It's very frustrating and doesn't seem to have an answer for this problem. Anyone else experience this?


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        We had similar problems, especially with Canadian customers. It all started suddenly (probably close to 8months ago) which led to believe that there was some change in the banking configuration Internationally.

        They suggested changing AVS settings to not have G selected . The reason for those settings was that it still checks all US charges and all International charges.

        The International charges that throw back an error code on the check will be declined but the ones that throw back a code not understood by the AVS system will be accepted.


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          G is not selected, still have cards declined because of this. I'm wondering if it's the merchant account requiring AVS, not