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Has anyone had experienc with Blue Pay?

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  • Has anyone had experienc with Blue Pay?

    I'm considering Blue Pay merchant services but am a bit skeptical of them because of their BBB rating and a few blogs with complaints that I found online. Can anyone tell me of their experiences with them?

    Any input would be very helpful.

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    Not to be obtuse but if they have a bad BBB rating why consider them? Quick books, and PP payments pro to name a few are the leaders in the field.


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      They were offering a nice deal. Their BBB rating was a B. I don't necessarily trust the BBB as they tend to rate their companies in a biased way.

      I.e., it appears that if you pay the BBB to become an affiliate, they automatically bump you up a couple of letters.

      This is why I was hoping that someone who had experience with them could give me an opinion.