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  • gateway security with Paypal Website Pro

    I have been testing my new store for security and have found out that if I put in the wrong address, wrong CVV or wrong expiration date, it still accepts payment. I do not like this. I have been told various things and don't even know what direction to go...some say you need to go to gateway (paypal) and set up security there, others say that needs to be in the store. Can anyone guide me in the correct direction of where to go and what to do? Thanks in advance.

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    Declining of orders due to mismatched addresses or CVV codes are the job of the gateway. So you'd need to adjust your gateway settings to achieve the results you want. Our gateway is and we have all our AVS and CVV acceptance/decline settings there.


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      I think to have these features you need to pay $20 per month to get the extra security features.


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        I hate Gateway due to this, you always have to add features for you to have a 100% good running business. how much does it really cost for the whole package just to have everything you need without having any problems in the future?
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          In PayPal you should have several settings for security like you mentioned without paying extra. Log into your PP account. Click profile. Under Security and risk settings click on Payment receiving preferences.
          There are a few settings on that page but near the bottom of the page there's a place that says "Allow my Risk Controls to override the following preferences"

          Click on the risk controls. There you should have at least several blocks of preferences you can edit like address verification for exact or partial match, CVV that you can set to accept/decline mismatch etc. You may even have a country monitor to block payments from specific countries too.

          The extra charge advance stuff drills down to specifics like zip codes/suspicious bank IDs and such.
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