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How to collect "Calulate Shipping Charges Later"

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  • How to collect "Calulate Shipping Charges Later"

    :confused: For orders outside the U.S., I set up "calculate shipping sharges later". I recevied an order from Canada, and was credited from Paypal for the item only (no shipping). How do I charge the customer now for the Shipping? Can I do an adjustment within Paypal/3d Cart for the shipping charges? :confused:

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    If you open the order, you can manually update the charges including the shipping. Send the customer a request for the shipping payment via PayPal. Does this help?


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      Shipping Charges

      It's much easier and smoother if you configure your shipping and insurance charges in advance so that the buyer pays the shipping charge at check-out. Otherwise, you waste time trying to collect the shipping charge, have the dilemma of whether to ship or not ship if you can't reach the buyer, etc. You have the ability to factor in the weight of the item as well as shipping method.


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        Calculate shipping charges later

        Does anyone know how to suppress the $0.00 amount in the "calculate shipping charges later" display? I am able to change the message, but can't get rid of the $0.00....... and i have customers who consequently refuse to pay the shipping charges determined at time of shipment: they insist that the $0.00 means they NEVER have to pay anything.


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          Julianne isn't it under Shipping methods and then change the amount in the caption box


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            Calculate shipping charges later

            The wording of the message (ONLY) is Settings=>Design =>Store Language=> shipping-fail.

            There's no way that i can find to eliminate the $0.00. Anyone find a way to do this?


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              If you are comfortable with editing code, you may need to comment out that portion off the templates , view_cart and checkout_x
              Settings>>Design>>Template Editor
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