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  • Kabbage for quick inventory funding

    I stumbled upon a few nights ago in one of the many e-commerce blogs I read. We like many small businesses today are having a hard time finding funding to grow our inventory.

    We actually applied to three of those companies that look at your credit card receipts and then say they will charge you daily until the loan was paid off - take it from me they should all just operates Broadway shows, you can leave it at that -we refused the approvals.

    The only thing I can say about is its incredible! in less than 6 min. I applied for and was approved for $4600 funded to our PayPal account. If we make our payments on time our current credit limit is 18,600.

    Six-month payback via PayPal very reasonable and I did fact get the money in my PayPal account in less than 30 seconds after I clicked "Fund"

    I have the added benefit of seeing Karma at work. We were turned down for a loan at Chase bank. They felt obviously that we were not a good risk. Because they are such good judges of risk they went out lost $2 billion on what they felt were more credit worthy investments than a local business down the street - good for them - they deserved nothing less. - and other models like it that we will soon see will turn conventional banking on it's ear. I'd be happy never to walk into a Chase branch for the rest my life if I could but until that time, I now have - good luck
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