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Paypal Amount Different from Cart Total

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    I just thought I would take a look back at this thread before I reapplied Paypal express. Have they gotten it ironed out yet at 3dcart or does the same issue still persist?


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      This problem still persists.

      That said, we get over a third of our sales paid through PayPal. I would think twice before disabling it.


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        I had a rep from Paypal contact me the other day, asking me to update the integration on our store from Standard to Express. I showed him this thread and told him that until it was fixed with 3dCart I wouldn't be switching.

        He assured me that the workflow had changed so I re-enabled it to verify. Instead of showing just the product total in a mini-cart on the left (once you go to the PayPal site), it doesn't show anything except a message "You'll be able to see your order details before you pay."

        Once the customer logs into their PP account and chooses the funding method, they come back to the main site to complete the order.

        Overall a decent experience, and mobile friendly.

        They have a demo site so you can check out the workflow:
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          I reported this problem in December 2015. The issue still exists. They said they were working on a resolution for the last 4 months. I call again this week and they say its a paypal issue and I need to contact paypal. Paypal says its a 3dcart issue. Has anyone found a solution yet?


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            To anyone still having this problem. The bug has been fixed after 30 hours and 4 months of calls and the general run around. I hired a programmer this weekend and we knocked it out. I actually found the fix by accident. Please send me a PM with your phone number if you would like instructions on how to fix this bug.