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  • 3d cart and Paypal

    We use paypal payments pro, just got started on 3d cart last week. The only problem having is , we're not able to change the capture amount once the order comes in. How's everyone else dealing with this?

    The reason we need to do this is we charge shipping after the orders come in and also many times a customer is going to want to add/remove a product. With our other shopping carts, we would have the orders automatically authorize 15% more to leave the extra room for us to charge shipping.

    From speaking with 3dcart support, they're saying to login to paypal directly, but this isn't practical. It would consume atleast an hour or two daily to have to do this and leave room for human error. With other shopping cart platforms I"ve worked on , we were able to get this done in the backend.


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    PayPal support

    Call PayPal Pro it's one of thse 2 numbers they are VERY helpful - (888) 215-5506
    Gateway support
    (888) 883-9770


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      I spoke to their senior integrations department already, they are saying the problem is in the fact that in 3dcart, it can't be changed.


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        Why don't you give us a call at 1-800-828-6650. One of our expert support technicians will be happy to help.
        Bryan Shaw
        Community Manager at 3dcart


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          I already called 3d cart a few times on this, it's not something 3dcart will change ont he backend.