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    A feature that 3dcart has that I love is the customer product review, but I admit I don't have many reviews yet. A story about neilson ratings found that customers use reviews a whopping 81% of the time when buying products online.

    So how do you get customer reviews for your products??

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    Yuup, I have the same question :) do you guys hv experience with this??


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      Our review numbers are quite low, too. But... The ones we DO have were generated by our follow-up email.

      We have created a custom "status" called "completed." We manually move all "shipped" orders to "completed" two weeks after their sale date. This status change generates an email inviting customers to review the products they received (modified order confirmation email) and gives them a coupon code worth $5 on orders over $25.

      The coupon code get used quite often - the reviews... well, they'll come in more and more.

      I think it just takes drawing peoples attention to them more? I dunno...

      We might try making more mention of it in the shipped order notices, etc. Perhaps see if we can;t increase the number of reviews we receive.

      Will be interested to hear other's ideas on this!

      HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!



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        I don't think the review form is setup very well.
        What I would like to see is that it pre-populates with the item you are reviewing. The form currently asks for "Title" WTH?
        Customers think we are asking for their occupation! :rolleyes:
        And, being able to change the form would be great!


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          This was discussed on an earlier thread a few months ago - I was dissapointed to see it wasn't changed on the new release. I was hoping we could at least change what fields are required etc. - although I haven't looked at it closely since I got upgraded.

          Title means title of the review - but it is VERY confusing!

          Hopefully they will add it to the next release.
          C Ekman
          Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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            would like to be able to delete multiple reviews at once. Currently, you delete a review and it takes you back to the main page and you have to click the item and go back to reviews and then delete the next. Alot of spammers use reviews so, it would be nice to do multiple delete. Lost alot of previous reviews, too. Don't know why.
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              @Mark: spammers? oooh, how come?

              Anyways.. I figured out how to use reviews, but I don't know if customer add new reviews.. Is there any "report" for our admin / users if someone add the review? Imagine myspace / facebook even blogger, if someone put comment on it, it will appear in our inbox email or inside the 3d system itself..

              If we can't find where, who, and what reviews are, the possibility spammer's attack is bigger. I don't know if this one allowed by 3dcart forum, but I saw : PowerReviews has a good system and people can have sweepstakes too.

              I'm thinking to have sweepstakes but haven't figure out how to do this in 3D cart.. anyone?


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                Just go to Settings -> General -> Store settings

                There are a few options for reviews there. If you're worried about spammers force the user to log in prior to submitting a review.

                Also - UNCheck the option to automatically approve reviews. Then each review is emailed to you and you have to approve it before it's published.
                C Ekman
                Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                  Thats great.. Thanks cekman, I haven't figure out which email that 3d will send about those info. Maybe the admin or something? :D I am the admin, but I tried to put review, and it didn't appear to my inbox.. I'll do it with what you suggested. Thanks :)


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                    Sweepstakes or coupon after the review

                    @frik- We've been running a "review and win" sweepstakes that asks users to review a product and be entered to win a $100 shopping spree. This way, the incentive is there to actually complete the review. You can do the same thing with a coupon like the 5 for over 25 you used but send it to the customers AFTER they've done a review. in the follow up (we use completed also) you can still use a coupon like, 5% for coming back (so you get those repeat customers) and get 5 dollars off, or 10 dollars off or 10% or something for those who have completed a review. So far, you'll have to send each of them manually because I haven't found a way to export all reviews or do any "batch" actions.

                    Which brings me to my original question which is: Can we export the reviews, the email addresses of the reviewers, etc.? We need a pool of all of our reviewers for our sweepstakes to choose a winner. I'd love to be able to export all the reviews (even if just to read them all without having to click on each one and then go back). I have found a way around this, but its not an easy one. Any suggestions?



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                      Here's a few ideas for reviews:

                      1. Offer an incentive to customers. Provide a 10% off your next order, or free shipping coupon if they leave a review for the product they purchased. Not only will they be more apt to leave a review, but the #1 way to get a repeat customer is to give them a reason to come back.

                      2. Put some in there yourself. Go online and find some reviews of the product and create at least 1 or 2 for items that have no reviews.

                      3. has a GREAT feature where they have a gallery of real use application of their products. has a gallery for each item, that shows customers using their products and wearing their tshirts. These are options as well.