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  • Mark
    I had a response, but, felt I should sustain.
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  • shellqc
    I am extremely happy with 3DCart and their support. First I want to say that maybe those answers from the newbies aren't short but inexperienced. They are new and they have a lot to learn becaue 3dcart, in reallity, is a very complex cart. I've done the same exact support that the newbies are doing now and it takes time to learn everything about 3dcart I'm sure.

    I have used probably over 10 different carts from godaddy's, paypals, zen cart and the oh so complicated OSCommerce. Coming from OSCommerce I was extremely relieved to even have support. With my old OSC site it was all me....I learned so much about the ins and outs and the flaws of that cart that I could probably build my own cart by now!

    The point is I don't have time to support a cart. 3dCart does an excellent job at it when on the rare occasion there is an issue. Their support is superior to anything I have ever used! I have NEVER had an issue take weeks to fix as stated in some of those posts. As far as that one person that complained about not getting any orders, you can't just throw a cart togther and not work at it. Half of that stuff on that site isn't 3dcarts fault at all.

    Like I said I've used tons of carts...mainly moving as my business grew. I have never even used a cart that has so many standard features right out of the box. And also a cart that I didn't have to start dumping my code into right away. Everything I needed was already there.

    I also have never experienced a growth in business like I have with 3dcart. My business has tripled since I switched, mainly because from the customer side it's the easiest cart out there to use. I have had a lot of customer comments since I upgraded and it was well worth the switch.

    Take it easy on the newbies....they'll learn. Times that I have gotten a short answer it because because they didn't know however, they did escalate the problem to someone who did.

    As far as negativity on the site, I totally agree if you're going to complain then take the complaints directly to them not here on the boards. When I come to the boards I expect to see something cool someone did with the cart or a quick answer to something, not a bunch of unhelpful complaining. Ya know?

    Jimmy and Gonzlo are top notch!

    Just my opinion


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  • rrw
    I agree. I switched almost a year ago today from Monster, and can't say enough about how helpful tech support has been, and how well the cart functions for me. There will always be something "more" that I want or need, but for now I'm very satisfied! :)

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  • Mark
    "I get short answers by the new techs 3d has hired. "

    I concur.
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  • Steve Win
    I spent 22 months planing my escape route from the "MONSTER" about 20 of those months was with 3d pre-launch including about 6months of too busy to work on 2 sites at once time. I just went live with v3 in nov08 and I am very happy.
    Gonzalo n Jimmy helped my through some tough custom programming. I give support an A-. Sometimes I get short answers by the new techs 3d has hired. but often if I word the request in a very techy manner (when applicable) they are good enough to pass it along to the more experienced 3d folks.
    The only real issue I have with support is that it is not 24hrs as I do a lot of work night/weekends. But when I did have an emergency a couple times, Jimmy or Gonzalo were there at the oddest of hrs. As I suspected would be the case from early on with 3d, the product has turned out to be solid enough that I don't really need 24hr supt. near as often as I 1st feared.

    Now over at the purple cyclops place, I needed 24hr supt well 24hrs cause their product was a shambles, so bad in fact that 9 times out of 10 monster supt literally told me "nothing can be done about that... and that ... and well no not that either"

    So, compared to where I have been 3d is a Godsend!

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  • Mark

    That's when you really need to re-evaluate your business plan. That is a self destructive approach. Shame.
    Last edited by Mark; 01-21-2009, 08:36 AM.

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  • Mark
    I can't rate the customer service as excellent.
    I can rate it as responsive, yet defensive.

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  • Buttons
    I'll weigh in here as I've experienced both excellent support and support that could have used some improvement. Anyone with employees knows it's a challenge to balance speed of service and quality of service.

    Overall, I would rate 3D service as a B+, that's very good.

    Reasons why they don't get an A ... when a customer asks a questions and the answer is "No, that's not how it works." To me, an appropriate reply would include a suggestion of a possible work-around or perhaps the statement of I'll bring that up to someone. The flat "No" is short and not well received. In several dozen questions/tickets, I've probably had 3 or 4 of that nature. Not many, they just don't sit well.

    Reason #2 for the B+ rather than an A ... Customer service / technical support time. We are on the west coast. If we have a situation at 2 p.m. our time - we are pretty much out luck for service. We still have 3 to 4 hours of operational time without any support. Additionaly, we work on our site during "off" hours - evenings and weekends.

    I will say that we launched our site yesterday and I'm thrilled with the outcome, so far. Everyone we've worked with has been great.

    Here's to a fine 2009!


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  • RDavis
    The "Jury" seems lopsided

    after having been with for many years I wasnt really terribly displeased with them just that they seemed a bit behind the times in terms of rolling out features for what I needed them for


    Ive contacted customer support a few times and have ... except once always been taken care of only issue i had was being down or unable to update work on my site for 6 hours and did yes get the reply that everything was working fine on their end yes at that time it was working fine for me as well (8AM)
    important thing is I realize they have MANY other customers to deal with and I shouldnt expect answers at 2 and 3 AM

    I have no complaints and have found the staff to do follow ups and make me feel like they care

    So hats off to them Im sure it cant be easy answering a phone every day dealing with people who Im sure are not alway pleasant to deal with

    btw my friends who I have sent links to check out the progress of the site have always been impressed with the load times :-)

    We should be thankful Gonz and staff dont start charging for tech support like Dell and some companies are doing now.... least I hope thats not in the future plans

    R. Davis

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  • cekman
    Interesting thread. Hope it's allowed to stay posted. I almost left 3dCart when I was asked to stop listing "negative" posts. But I decided to leave the forums for a while and give it a go until V3.0 came out. I've had good experiences since then.

    I don't agree with the majority of the negative reviews on the site posted in the original link. In the past I did have a few - "This is your problem" responses from support. But lately that hasn't been the case.

    I've been fortunate to have Jimmy respond to the majority of my support tickets since the upgrade. He is professional, NICE, smart and fast. He is never condenscending which I have had in the past.

    In addition I think the printed support materials are for the most part VERY good. Sometimes I don't understand what is being said - but if I submit a ticket and indicate that I HAVE read the material- I almost always get a quick response with more clarification.

    Sometimes I can't find the KB article I need - but I definitely read it when I find it or am given the link by support.

    I was a software engineer/database programmer and I feel I have a better understanding than most on how the cart fits together - but I still get lost sometimes. And I'm not good at html - so I get nervous about changing things without really knowing what will happen.

    Even when I'm not happy about an answer I get from support - I can't agree with the comments in the reviews that support just isn't there. I've rarely had a ticket go more than a day without some type of response - and if Jimmy gets the ticket he stays with it until it's fixed or I'm satisfied. I actually am very pleased with the response time of support.

    I'm not in the $35/month category either - but I'm sure not in the $500 category - not sure I even want to be!

    If there is no repeat of the experiences I had a few months ago I can't see any reason for leaving 3dcart unless reliability became an issue.

    I think they want to improve and will continue to do so. Hopefully upgrades won't be so far apart in the future, but managed growth is better than disasterous growth.

    No one will be happy all of the time - but those who are really unhappy will find a different solution. Hopefully 3DCart will never get the "If you don't like it - Leave" attitude.

    I have been contacted for references for the cart and gave positive referrals.

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  • Rungreen
    Hey, i'm going to back this up a bit.

    I don't agree with all of those reviews, either. There are complainers in every group. Support HAS been mostly helpful, but, at times, lags quite a bit.

    I also want you to realize, Gonzalo, that we are not in the category of people that you mentioned. We don't hold support on the phone, or ask them to design our site, or ask for anything extra. That's mostly because this is a great cart. Don't even talk about Monstercommerce.....I can't believe anyone still works with them.

    However, we're also not in the $35/mo category, either(Closer to the $500/mo), which is STILL a good value. My point was that the theme was the same throughout- that support doesn't quite match up to the stellar rep of the cart itself. Communication is key, especially when it comes to things like the 3.0 rollout, and site down issues. Our loss on Cyber Monday probably approached $10k- was that 3D's fault? Probably not, but we had to badger support to get it fixed.

    In any case, we've never even LOOKED at another cart, and if Gonzalo asked me to do a testimonial on this cart, i'd do it in a heartbeat. (Heck i'd probably work for 3Dcart). I'm glad Monster Mistakes(too big too fast) aren't happening here.

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  • DaveW
    I do agree with Gonzolo that 3d is getting a bad rap from some of those reviews. And not selling things? I guess they haven't ever been on a truly weak cart (cough *v4 Monster* cough)

    I have generally been pleased with support. On truly critical issues (site down) they have always gotten back to me in minutes. On less critical ones, the response is still less than 24 hours.

    When we originally set up the cart, support was very quick to offer custom programming for any little thing (at a modest cost) but not very good at answering exactly what the custom programming would modify or how it would behave. We didn't do some things becuase we couldn't get adequate explanation of what they would do. This was mildy frustrating, but I chalked it up to the flip side of being able to *do* customization in the first place.

    Communication on the v3.0 migration has also been poor, though I can understand how things can take longer than anticipated, etc. I can also undertsand the reluctance to give hard dates. But some sort of official guesses on this forum would be nice. Remember, not all of us have November -December as our busy seasons.

    My one store that was converted to 3.0 was flawless. There was only a few minutes of downtime (if any) during the upgrade.

    3d is a good product. I'd rather have the minor issues that I have had compared to the "I answer the phone in 2 seconds and cheery but don't know anything" support that my previous cart had.

    I do hope they can continue to improve.


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  • SarahInc
    Originally posted by GonzaloGil View Post
    There are things that we need to improve on, I agree with you on that, but, I can tell you that the majority of those reviews on that site are based on the fact that some people just don't want to read...

    This is a problem EVERYWHERE. Every job I have ever had, including my current business has to deal with people who just don't want to read. I can't stress enough how often this happens.

    With that being said, I have been realatively happy with 3dcart product and support. The staff has been very helpful with any issues I may have come across, or needed help with. It was only until recently with the release of 3.0, that I have noticed any issues with lack of communication or shortness by the staff. Although, I wish the release of 3.0 would have been handled better, I just chalked this up to an overwhelming good response to the new version and hope for the best in the future. I am now finally on 3.0, and am very impressed with how few bugs I have encountered.

    Furthermore, the first review I read on that site said they hadn't received any orders, and customers complain about how bad the site is. That sounds like the person needs to design a better site and advertise. I don't see how that has anything to do with 3dcart.

    Just my opinion. ;)

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  • GonzaloGil
    There is a number of new users that think that our support staff will walk them through every single step of every process in the cart.

    Ie. They want us to go through each and every of the 200 or so fields that a product could have. Or, would like our support department to stay on the phone with them while they change the design of the store, and expect us to essentially build the store for them.

    These types of things not included in support, and I am not familiar with any other provider that does either. We built guides with screen shots, videos, and faq's so that we can quickly get you an answer to your question. In cases were these don't help, then we will find a solution to the problem, but in the case that we refer a client to a document that we created to solve the very problem and they simply don't want to read, this is something we just won't handle, even if we had 100 support agents.

    Amazingly the clients that usually need this type of service are also the ones that can not afford design or setup packages. When told to them that Yes, we can do it all for them but they need to pay for it, they then become frustrated and are quick to attack 3dCart.

    Now, there is also issues that are not easy to replicate. If we can not replicate an issue, we can not resolve it. If a site is reported "Down" and the store is not down for us, we may need additional information. This is not to say that you are at fault, but, without additional information we can not see a problem, there may very well be a problem, but if we can not see it, we can not resolve it. This is why its important when placing support tickets to put as much relevant information as possible. If you saw an error, copy it down, include it on the ticket, if you are using a different browser than you normally do, make a note of that as well, etc. Many times customers report their store being "down" and later the issue turns out to be that their internet provider had problems, or that their machine blocked access, or, something out of our control, this is why we ask questions when we can't replicate an issue, I highly doubt that "Must be you" was given to you as an answer to a ticket, but if it has, i apologize, the proper answer would have been to ask you for further details on the problem reported so we could try to see it on our end.

    There are things that we need to improve on, I agree with you on that, but, I can tell you that the majority of those reviews on that site are based on the fact that some people just don't want to read and expect the world for $35. We are working on adding additional staff, on 2008 we doubled our support staff size and we are planning on doubling that again on 2009 as well as creating additional tutorial s to tackle some of the tricky parts of the software, specially with V3.0, these will improve our response times.

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  • GoldenEagleOutdoors
    People can say what they want, but this is the third platform I've used and its the best!! I started with Prostores which is the worst experience I ever had, the real question was is the server ever working properly?? And the other I tried was Prestostore which was ok for a rookie, but I wanted more freedom to edit my pages. I checked out a whole list of options, and this is the best I found for what I needed. I've never had a problem with tech or customer support. I think part of the problem is the american attitude about life which is I want it fixed and right now!! It better not screw up or I'm gonna sue you!! Get a dose of reality.........

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