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    I am curious as to what anayltic tools you all are using to track your stores?

    I'm using Google Analytics and 3dCarts "Basic" stats, but am looking for individual customer information (click streams, etc).

    Does anyone use 3dcart's "advanced stats"? What kind of indivual stats can you get? I'm currently on the basic plan and the "advanced stats" is the only reason, at this point, to step up to the Standard plan. So I'm assuming there are better stat options around for less than $20/mo.

    I understand Yahoo!'s new Web Analytics (formerly is good/free, but I believe only offered to Yahoo! store owners.

    There are lot of "big boys" in the web analytic spaces (ie, WebTrends) but are too expensive, so I've been looking at the low end. looks pretty attractive. Their price range from $5/mo - $10/mo and seem to have pretty robust analytics.



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    I use and I'm happy with it. It gives me the info I need to know what's goin on with my site. The only question it doesn't answer is why do people leave after looking at only one page.

    I tried google analytics, and I never liked it. Webstat is only $10 a month and works great for me.


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      Thanks, GoldenEagleOutdoors.

      I went ahead and signed up for their free month trial. Seems quick and painless.

      A quick question(s):
      • Where did you put the tracking code? I put mine in the global left header since that is where the google tracking code goes, but the instructions mention something about adding the code to the "body". If we need to add the code to each page, I can't see how we could add it to the body to each page (I have over 100 pages).
      • Anything for conversion tracking? I didn't see any mention in the installation. Did you do anything special to track conversion? Checkout 4 code?

      Thanks, much