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STOP watching basketball and.....

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  • STOP watching basketball and.....

    ....SHOP online! :)

    American Idol, March Maddness, et al, can't wait til people start shopping online again! :o

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    you are kidding right?
    march so far has been my best month yet
    granted I only started in january and still havent completed the site but sales in march have been great for us thus far

    and.... I keep plugging away andmanufacturers stop cranking out 4 or so new models every week i MIGHT get caught up by july



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      Ok so Ive punctured every possible Basketball I could find mark

      Heres hoping your showered with sales in April and you cant keep up :eek:


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        Heres hoping your showered with sales in April and you cant keep up!

        Yep! That's a problem I've always wanted to have. :cool:


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          April is still looking slow....:(

          2009 is a low point for us.....

          2008 was good.


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            They are shopping mark..... just being very very tight with the purse strings
            I haven't it as bad as some have but a few E-Commerce friends who have more spendy items are definately feeling it 2 or 3 sales in march 1 or 2 in April
            here in Iowa another 160 jobs were lost at the John Deere factory
            phones for me havent sold like they used to I could easily have sold 10 or so in a day now its more like 1 or 2 in a week *shrug* people buy whats important not so much impulse and Ohhh I like it Im gonna buy it I suppose
            Hopefully you get sales back on track soon dont know where you are or what items you sell but I expect during spring harvest I usually have a spike here in Iowa between may and august then it gradually tapers off
            i think there is another Iowan that posts here occasionally but dont remember the name

            Mark do you use Quantcast?


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              My Competition seems to be doing quite well but they have a pretty solid repeat customer base so that's understandable

              I think when weather gets nice outside youll also find less people shopping and more people outside gardening or whatever it is they do when the weather gets nice

              *shrugs* maybe im wrong its just an off guess