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UGH hate the new color template

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  • UGH hate the new color template

    Plese bring back the original color scheme
    Last edited by Mark; 04-18-2009, 06:54 AM.

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    I second that motion...........

    Anyone notice the change to the email??


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      The forums will need to have the new look of the website. Now, if you don't like a specific color, let me know, but we need to try to make the website and forums look similar as we are going to try to make the forums a bigger part of the website and don't want visitors to get shocked by a completely different site when they visit the forums.

      Is it the fact that it has a white background, or the header colors you dont like?
      Gonzalo Gil
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        Actually... I LOVE the new look of the forums! Brighter, cleaner - ties in with the new design of the 3dcart site! What's not to like?

        Now YOU Gonzalo? :eek: That's a whole different issue! Who on earth told you that that shirt looks good? Are you trying to dress yourself again? Remember, the elephants go with the elephants. The tigers with the tigers. The turles with the turtles, and so on.



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          I like the new theme / colors as well easier on the eyes


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            IMHO - The light gray background could be a bit darker for more of a contrast with the brighter/white site. I too like the brighter look, but it seems extremely bright on the eyes.


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              if you look by "graphic user-interface", green is better for your eyes, not only because green, but the dark color as a background makes users stay longer on the website than this color, but maybe we just need get use with this :p


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                The new design is working for me. :)


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                  unfortunately, the 3dcart forums will get limited exposure since IE 6 is iffy.
                  I can't access from my workplace anymore since the new design rollout. I would suspect that would affect other clients as well.