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Do you survey your customers?

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  • Do you survey your customers?

    I was wondering if anyone uses surveys on their websites to measure customer opinions when they make a purchase or at any other time. Any comments on that??

    If you do, do you use constant contact or someone else for you surveys??

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    I used to do polls for my cross stitch customers. Not about my service but about cross stitch related things. I used a free service called

    It worked great for the types of polls I did.

    I don't think it allowed me to do full surveys - like if you answer yes to one question skip to a specific question - that type fo thing.

    But if you're looking for something free and simple - take a look.

    I also did 'survey' using my direct email (constant contact). I just sent out an email and told the customers that if they sent me ONE suggestion that would make the store better then they would receive 25 free reward points.

    I probably got 10-15 responses with a couple of good suggestions.
    C Ekman
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      Another good free survey service is Zoomerang...