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  • SEO cold call emails!

    Are you sick and tired of the cold call emails for SEO optimization yet?
    We keep getting them and, the issue we have is:
    1> They don;t give a company name
    2> They use a gmail email address

    We always respond that,
    1> We don't even consider submissions from unanmed companies
    2>Using a gmail address an a contact email is amatuer and juvenile

    funny we never get a response........

    If you are such the great SEO company than I would expect you would have your own domain, and email account......

    yawn :rolleyes:

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    Agreed...and if they can't show results on their own domain, don't bother.

    Yes, SEO is hard, specially for SEO companies as there is so many, but, if they manage to do internally what they are supposed to do for you, on such a competitive set of keywords, then, that's the company you want to hire.

    9 times out of 10 those gmail emails come from some offshore company that have enough trouble reading and writing english, and somehow they are going to coach you on getting on the top of the US based search engines :)

    I had some show me results like "Seo optimization in [ENTER SOME SMALL CITY HERE]" all in quotes, or some keyword on some lame search engine. No, if they can't rank in Google, Yahoo, and MSN (all 3, if they rank on 1 and not the other 2 they might have done something to get banned from the others which is bad), then don't bother with them.
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      Yes, we get them too. I wholeheartedly agree!