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  • Se Habla Español?

    So we've seen an increase in sales to Spain. In fact, for the last week or so we've shipped there just about daily. Along with that I've had emails and live chats in Spanish. Fortunately I know enough to get along ok with it, and have actually really enjoyed keeping up on it a bit. Plus, our Spanish speaking customers are generally really excited to work out their orders and get their questions answered in their native tongue - even though I'm far from perfect.

    I was looking at some 3DCart stores in their "gallery" and came across this site:

    Besides looking really slick, I noticed that they really push their "Se Habla Español". On their homepage alone they have 5 sections in spanish, encouraging Spanish speakers to call, sign up for their newsletter, or contact them.

    So what do you think? Do any of you prominently advertise that you speak Spanish (if you do)? If so, have you seen some definite positive results? Besides taking up some real estate on your site (that doesn't do anything for English speakers), you see any drawbacks from placing it?

    Gracias por tus opiniones! :)
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    I aim to have my site translated to french in the near future to go along with the brand.