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    How's it going everyone!

    Has anybody ever have a customer(s) who claim that you sent them the wrong item and see that they ordered the right one. Then they claim that the computer changed it on them and that they'll sue you if you don't pay for the shipping back and next day air back to them. :D At the same time screaming you're a "f'n DumbS**T." LOL! It's just funny how some people think that using threats and foul language will make us bow down to their demands.

    I would like to hear some funny stories out there.

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    LOL. Yep. Been there.

    Had one a couple of weeks ago that ordered 3 day select on a Tues at 5:30 PM. Didn't get there until the next Monday. Claimed no info was shown for shipping, even though our policies are VERY clear and VERY fair. This happens. She was going to the BBB, the owners....never heard another word.

    A lot of the time, Canadians get upset with the UPS broker fees. It's clear on our site. Now, being Canadian, I have to give them some slack but they don't read.

    There is a LOT more, will have to think of it.


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      It happens all the time. Buyer's remorse, and just not really paying attention.
      For example, a customer recently purchase this item:

      and then called and said what is the size of the bags.
      And then, called back and said these bags are the wrong size.


      There's not a lot you can do to hand-hold some customers through difficult shopping decisions........:rolleyes:

      We accept a return, but, it's just consumer irresponsiblilty!