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  • Link Tool??

    Does anyone know of a tool that can show all of the links or parts of your website that has security issues? This is an on going problem for me & it's really gotten under my skin. I've got to get ALL of them fixed.

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    This was an issues for us a while back.
    You need to ensure that in all your references to offsite links contain the https: designation. ALL of the links within your site should use only the page link and NOT include the http or https refences and should use the /pagename.html link.

    For example, to have an image on your home page, reference it as /assets/images/image.jpg and NOT as

    Limit the offsite links as much as possible. If you must use them, use the https deisignation.

    You can use firefox to display some of your unsecure content.
    For eample, I see most have been corrected on your site, however, you still have an unsecure link on your homepage:

    Hope this helps.

    We had a reference to macromedia and our flashfile script was bringing up errors.....:(
    That took a while to uncover.


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      Thanks for the info. It can be a constant battle.