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Anyone with email issues?

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  • Anyone with email issues?

    We have issues with emails not going out on a monthly basis. The emails get hung up and don't go out for new orders. Just curious if any other folks have the same problem. Seems to be something support can't identify the root cause. We have to issue a ticket each month. :( Just want to see if we are alone on this.

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    Since each server uses its own SMTP server to send out, the chances of this happening to everyone are very slim. It may be a server specific issue which means anybody on that server will experience this, or, account specific, the SMTP server is rejecting the emails for some reason or another. I am sure tech support will get to the bottom of it and take care of it. If its something that we can fix for good, you bet we will be doing that.
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      Hello, thanks for the response. We have had an issue once every month since March 2009. Seems to be working now, thanks! :)
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