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  • Quick Poll about "Continue Shopping"

    I posted in another thread that I would love for customers to stay on the product page and be given a VERY obvious sign that their item was added to the cart when they select to do so.

    As it is, I send them to their cart when they add their item.

    So if they select "Continue Shopping" 3DCart allows you to send them back to the product, or back to the category.

    Which one do you opt for?

    I've been sending them back to the product, but I just had a customer tell me they wished it would go back to the category, so I'm trying that now.

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    That's a good point. We tried the three different settings.
    We set the URL to /

    Although going back to the home page URL seems better than going back to the product page, I think we prefer the category option. :)