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What is the status of the new API?

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  • What is the status of the new API?

    One of the major reasons I like the other major shopping cart on the marketing (Vol) is the very extensive two-way API. I read someplace that that was being worked on there.

    1. What is the status of it?
    2. Is it possible to get it on a trial basis?

    I am at a decision point where I need to decide to open a new store here or create another one at vol. The API is a big one for us.

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    You may also want to check out AmeriCommerce. During my yearlong period of shopping cart comparisons (which led me ultimately to 3DCart, despite the somewhat lackluster API), I found that AmeriCommerce had the most expansive and mature API.

    Another one that I liked a lot is Shopify. It is all Ruby on Rails based with a full API and its pretty darn slick. I didn't feel like doing a ton of custom programming though and they lack a lot of features out of the box.


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      We are working on additional functions, mainly:

      Customer Add/Edit
      Product Add/Edit

      as well as

      Order Add/Edit

      As far as using the API, it is free to all customers on any plan. If the API is critical for you, and you want to try it out, contact me directly at gil @ and I will setup an account for you to test with.
      Gonzalo Gil
      3dCart Support
      800-828-6650 x111