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  • Conversion rate

    ours slipped to 1.72% the past 30 days. We have generally peaked at 3, but average around 2 for most of the year. Does anyone make it into the double digits? :)

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    I doubt anyone here does. 2-3% is usual. But I have found some extreme examples:


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      Do you think 5% is setting unrealistic goals for a small to medium biz? :confused:
      I too, have heard the 2% is standard and that's about what we do.....


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        It's probably a good goal to strive for. I do not know how one would achieve it, though.


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          Here's the thing about conversion rates, and why a goal to achieve higher rates (in my opinion) should not be the ultimate goal for an online store owner.

          If I consistently have 20 visitors a day and I achieve a conversion rate of 5%, that wouldn't be nearly as good as maintaining a rate of 3% and consistently climbing with my visitor statistics, with thousands of visitors a day.

          Also, consider what type of web site you're running. If you're aiming to be a resource for people to gather information (in addition to your store), then obviously your rates will be lower.

          Having said that, double digits would indeed be awesome! :)

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