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Certain Flash banner development tips

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  • Certain Flash banner development tips

    Following the tips given below will help you to develop a professional banner ad campaign using flash banners.

    • Flash banners with bigger file sizes are not advised by designers. Hence make the file size small. You can cut down the size of the file by using restricting the number of colors, gradients, dashed and dotted lines, etc.
    • Try to increase the readability of the inputs of the page, by using the most suitable font. Font type and size are the most important factors to be checked while creating a web page. It should be a readable and should be web friendly too.
    • Make sure that you include a close button so that the readers feel the control of the flash banner. Even if the flash banner gets opened when the mouse rolls over it, you should include a close button so that the potential viewers can control it.
    • Limit the time of animations and videos. Make it short and to the point.
    • Add a pause button on the banner.

    These tips will help you to make a user-friendly and professional flash banner design easily.
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