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    Anyone out there directly manipulating their site's database with Access? I have been afraid to do it because I am far from an Access expert, but it seems like our backend upkeep could be a lot easier, faster, and robust if we could work with the database instead of through the upload features. The upload features are great because they are an easy way to keep things updated with spreadsheets, but at some point, we should take it to the next level.

    One of my suppliers just released their entire database, which includes tons of information (descriptions, weights, keywords, etc). I can probably extract the necesssary info to excel and upload it, but it would be way cool to directly link their DB to mine... I also think direct DB manipulation would make it a lot easier to do bulk additions and removals...

    The biggest problem I see is haveing to download the file, change it, and re-up it. The DB files for our sites aren't small, so doing that several times a day can be time consuming and eat up a lot of bandwidth (do the bandwidth limits apply only to the store, or all of the backend stuff to?)

    Any thoughts? - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    I do update large quantities in Access unless there are too many options on the items. If it is just basic, sku, price, description, images etc... it is ok... however, I did find a different method that works for me.

    I have experimented with it because I have so many products that change all the time. Sometimes I have to copy and paste it out of Access put it into excell then paste it back because ACCESS doesn't let you autofill cells like excell. I don't recommend ACCESS changes if your going to be using options with the products. But if you want a faster way then using the 3dcart menu system. Here is what I do.

    Download an exported product list from your store so it gives you all the headings of the columns. delete all your products except the 2nd row so you have a sample to follow. then Cut and paste your new data from your exell file into the appropriate columns

    then UPLOAD your new excell file (in cvs format) and tell it to "UPDATE" and add any new products. I found this to be faster than the online browser version and less intrusive as the one edititng the access file. everytime you upload your access file your store is unavailable during the uploading so it gives shoppers an error until it is complete. using this shorter version of updating, your store doesn't go offline and products are added instantly. Just remember to fix your stock levels above 0 otherwise they won't show up and you'll think you did it wrong.

    i also recommend making a backup of your database on your computer so that if you get unexpected results then you can try it again without doing any serious damage.

    if you do make changes to the access file, there isn't a way to go back and undo. you need to make a copy for safe keeping and then make a second file to play with. it is saved as you work in the file so you can't just say, don't save it ... and start again.


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      Adding to Database problem

      I have done the Update to the database and found that my batabase was originally 6MB and after the append it was 33MB. I checked the database to see if it added a ton of blank fields and saw nothing. I reported it on a ticket and it was reset to ~6MB. After the next update it was back to 33MB. Anyone have any idea what might be going on here?