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Need ideas for how to do a facebook promotion

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  • Need ideas for how to do a facebook promotion

    Hi Guys,

    Looking for a little creativity here. I have an item that I want to give away to someone on my facebook fan page (Pair of Keen sandals, $150 list price, rep gave us an extra). I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. I have seen other businesses have success with giving away random t-shirts, but those are a general interest item. This is one pair of shoes in an unusually large size.

    I don't want to just give them away to anyone. It needs to be someone for whom the shoes will reasonable fit. I don't want a person to just take them and put them up on ebay and make a profit.

    I also want to encourage people to invite others to our fan page so we can grow the base.

    So far the best I have come up with is something like, "Invite at least ten of your friends to be fans of our business, and then post on the wall your shoe size. First person with ten friend signups and the right shoe size wins!"

    The two limitations I see are:
    1) I have no way to tell if people actually do invite their friends to the fan page as far as I can tell. It would just be something I'd say to hope that they'd do it.
    2) It might be over in about 5 minutes if people just start posting shoe sizes on the wall. Two ways I could limit it.. limit it to one guess per fan, and/or require that the person be wearing the same shoe size (or close to it) when they come pick up the prize.

    Is this too cumbersome? Any other ideas?