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    Hey everyone,

    I am not very good with html and have been wanting to make smal changes to my listing_0.html template. Is there a good program that you guys use to copy the html code into and then are able to edit from that program? Any free programs that are easy to use?


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    I use Ragtag editor when I'm checking my templates and stuff for my ebay listings and practicewriter, but I haven't really tried to use either on anything here with my cart, but I haven't had a lot of time. If someone has something they use I'd appreciate it also


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      Lost without my coffee & CoffeeCup

      Don't know HTML either but got good references for Most of the changes on our site were cut from someones source code, plugged into CoffeeCup and then into 3D code. Best $49 I ever spent.


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        The list is from 2008 though, some paid, some free, some macs, some win, take your pick. There is a poll at the bottom of the article, and I think notepad++ got the most votes.

        I kind of like html-kit.

        Coffeecup too, nice intuitive interface
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