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    I have a blog over at Wordpress. Is there any advantage to have it have the same address like my site? I don't want to start over with 3d's blog software within the cart. Can I transfer or move it here? or should I?

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    There are arguments for both sides.

    One is its better to have the same address since it shows updates.

    The other is having a different address gives more link juice. I prefer to keep it separate due to BW issues, but its nice to have the same navigation as your main site.

    There is also a huge community of people with word press add ons and such.


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      It should be noted that you can still have the address be and have it be a WP blog.


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        I have done a WP blog on a site hosted by GoDaddy, but haven't done it with my URL hosted by 3dCart. I'm very interested in this. How do you go about loading WP since 3dCart is the host?

        Thanks for any guidance!
        Zephyr Kites


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          Does anyone have a solution for this? While the 3d new cart feature with the blog does its job, I feel that WP blog or something similar would be more suitable for some people.


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            I have a WP blog that now has my site address and is linked from the blog button on my header bar. Contact customer support and they can walk you through how to do it. My blog is now even tho it's WP.

            Not that I'm good at keeping it updated....blah.


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              Does anyone have recommendations for blogs that can me migrated to 3d carts easily and have nice feel templates?