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    For you merchants out there that sell clothing, in some volume, how do you typically store it? Do you use bins?

    We've always used cardboard, but we're getting short on space. Any tips?


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    We do have 1 aisle of lingerie in our warehouse
    Large Plastic tots with lids (sell for $3-$7 at shopko or biglots.
    Can stack 5-6 high
    Use sharpy to identify contents.

    Smaller items get the pegboard till the ceiling. (step stool and a long grab it stick come in handy for this application)
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      Not clothes but we use plastic totes also (several sizes shoebox and up and big lots is the ticket). hard to explain but we made a rack type setup where the bins w/lids slide in just above the other bin so you can slide one out get the stuff and slide it back in so we don't have to unstack to get to the bottom.

      Use sharpy to identify contents
      We also do this but suggest putting a peel and stick on the bin first for the sharpy. If you completely change contents you can heat the label with a hair dryer or carefully with a heat gun to peel it off and replace it with a new one.
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        We Sell Halloween Costumes, and we basically use a bookshelf system. If your apparel cant stand up on end on it's own - it's a system that won't work for you. We put cardboard dividers to designate where each specific sku begins and ends.


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          I use sets of plastic drawers... lots of them! Some clothes are hanging - my husband make me three tiered poles to hand them on...
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