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  • Is it just me...

    ... or are there other people out there who wish the other forum users would delete their own shopping carts when visiting their websites? Maybe I am being silly, and I am happy to let other 3dCart users visit our website, but we do continually review our Not Completed orders to see what customers are adding to their carts but not purchasing. When the forum users add to cart and leave it there, then we have to sort through all of those and delete them ourselves to get an accurate look at our data. Just a silly little pet peeve of mine.
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    I agree :D

    I have gone to other forum members stores for purposes of testing certain features to answer question here on the forum. And I make it a point to empty my cart before leaving the site. Just as a courtesy....
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      brassandsilver guilty as charged. :) sorry


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        It's is more like proper manners to empty you cart before leaving.

        I just don't know why people would do the opposite. Maybe just being lazy.
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