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Shipping charges calculated at time of shipment

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  • Shipping charges calculated at time of shipment

    I use Elavon, which does not allow the "Authorize Only" feature for credit card purchases.
    I would like to have charge the customer at time of shipping, rather than when the order is placed, but can't see a way to do this with 3dcart.
    I don't know the shipping charges until i take the items to UPS...... each is unique.
    Any suggestions?
    I'd like to tell the customer that i will bill for shipping separately, but after the order when the order is placed, I, of course, have no access to the credit card number.

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    Customers hate surprises. If I don't know the shipping when I buy something I'm not buying from that place. Shipping cost can make or break a sale sometimes. A shipping amount that is added after the fact will do that. Get a UPS account and have it auto calculate based on package size or weight. Then either add a pound or two to the weight of the item to adjust your margin if you have to.
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      I'm pretty sure can do what you want. Try live chatting with them and they'll let you know for sure.


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        With Elavon, you can "pend" transactions in the virtualmerchant web user interface. These wont post for payment on your nightly cycle until you "unpend" them. Also, you can configure it to "automatically" pend ALL your transactions until you manually unpend them through the online web interface. However, this is a big hassle if you need to pend and unpend lots of transactions. We use this feature to manually pend transactions that wont ship within 48 hours (typically backorders).

        If you don't want to do this, I would suggest real-time online shipping calculations for UPS in the 3dcart. That way you charge the customer for shipping based on their location at the time of sale. It is quite accurate at estimating shipping chrages most of the time. And, you can factor in a percentage increase in published rates to cover other costs or to make up for short charges in the long run. We use it and it work out real well for us.

        Also, I have a question. How do you charge the customer "more" than was authorized at the sale? With our account, we can only modify the transaction to a lesser amount, we cannot increase the amount that was originally authorized.
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