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  • Email Issues

    Anyone else out there having problems with their automated emails? :confused:

    Ours started on Friday when we quit getting copies of our (new) order confirmation emails. Now, our shipping notices aren't getting through. The funny thing is we're getting the delayed delivery notices even though those are generated from the same mail servers (presumably) and are coming into the same email address on our mail client.

    Just curious whether anyone else has seen this or not. All of this being the reason why we CC ourselves on every auto-generated email.

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    Most of mine seem to go to me, my customers, etc. Did you check your spam folder Keith?


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      Hey Kim,

      No, that's not the issue. We're getting delivery failure notices including one for where one of the level 1 techs was testing the system.

      We were just checking to see if anyone else had run into this (not that these are the most active forums in the world).

      What's really weird is that the failure notices indicate that the emails failed due to the mail servers being blacklisted. However when you check the servers against the spam blacklist managers, the IP address isn't listed as being blacklisted. BTW, it is a 3d mail server.


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        I haven't had an automated mail go in a couple days but through the 3d mail system I know the mail goes to spam...I think there's another thread on that also. Most of the time, and it's a PITA, I send an email through my gmail account so I'm sure my customer knows I'm aware of the order and when it processes and when it ships. Most times people tell me they didn't get it and when I cc myself on those, sometimes it takes a few hours for me to receive my SPAM folder no less LOL