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  • Store Down?

    I just tried to access store manager and cannot and checked my store and it's down. Looks like it's not just down for me

    Anyone else having problems? Support advises I'm the only one who's in chat right now with the problem :confused:

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    Store Is Up

    Actually, I was having trouble while working LATE last night. I kept getting messages to "try again later". My guess is that the problem started around 1 a.m. EST. I also noticed that the connection with FB was incredible s-l-o-w last night and at one point the store didn't even load...


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      address problems on this end


      I am showing address verification problems here. Not sure if it is related.


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        Mine started around 11 and it was indeed down, for a little over an hour. Support ran some scripts on the server they said and hoped it would prevent a recurrence of the problem, but live chat was able to replicate the problem and opened the ticket for me. Today, so far, I'm up, slow but up