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  • Free Shipping on Everything?

    Has anyone ever tried this?

    I sell products that are generally small. My thought is to raise prices 10-15% then offer free shipping. I have some competition, but not that much.

    Has anyone ever tried this? I've toyed with it for years.

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    How much you need to mark things up depends on what you sell / how much it costs to ship something. Since we sell low cost items we have to add 30-50% to the items price to cover shipping.


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      Im not going to mark up anything, if I only make $5 thats fine if it means Im getting a return customer in the bargain. You must think outside the box!
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        I shipped my items free for many years until the price of postage across the country grew to large. But free shipping is a big deal to shoppers and good way to bring them into your web pages and give you a leg up on the competition particularity this time of year


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          Free shipping

          get an average weight for your product and then calculate shipping to zips 98101 - Seattle and 33101 Miami the 2 farthest places you can ship. That will tell you how much to add. If you're selling products for $25.00 adding $3.00 may not be enough.

          check out "Regional" boxes from USPS - dirty little secret - 1/2 the cost of first class and same delivery window

          If you use UPS or Fedex make sure you reach out to your rep and get discounts


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            Don't forget about the new priority flat rate padded envelopes.We recently started using these and will be putting a lot of orders we used to ship in the 1096L box into these saving a lot of money.

            Right now you can only order 15 online and have to call the expedited packing supply center at 1-800-610-8734 to order more than 15.