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    Tyler, it was in a support ticket I submitted in August, 2011. Sadly, the support ticket included a link to a knowledge base article explaining how to set this up, and that link no longer works.

    On rereading that support ticket just now, it's not clear whether I would end up with the blog at a different IP address than the store - I naively thought that if it was under my domain, all was good, but you raise a good question.

    If the IP address is different, even under the same domain, does that cost me SEO juice? My main concern is making sure that Google understands that the blog posts are part of my store.


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      Just contacted support again - here's the conversation:

      ME: If I use for my blog, hosting it at BlueHost, is my only option for URLs within my store, or could I choose to go with instead? Previously, support has told me I could use either of these URLs for a wordpress blog hosted elsewhere, I'm just confirming that.

      WALTER (3dCart): You can either have or you can create a menu link on your store and have it go to any other site. You could probably make load your blog if you were hosting it elsewhere by creating the site inside an iframe. The easier would be to have point to the IP of your off site blog.

      So, Tyler, back to the IP issues you raised - if I'm reading this right, to keep the blog at the same IP address as my store, I must use // If I use, the IP address would be that of the blog host, say, BlueHost, not my store.

      Is that right, and again, please forgive the naive question, but from an SEO standpoint, it sounds like I want the blog posts to be not only under my domain, but also at the same IP address as my store? If that's correct, thanks for pointing it out because I thought I only needed to be concerned with getting the blog under my store domain.
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        In order to get the real SEO juice, it would have to be on the same domain and IP; I don't think this is possible in any way with 3d, as you'd have to host the blog within the 3d hosting, and I don't even think that is possible (I think 3D hosts on MS platform, not Apache, and you'd have to have access to mysql, which you could host separately, but I don't think you could get PHP running on 3d to support WordPress)

        Basically, I don't think you can do it, and I think it would be better to use the blog system within 3D Cart vs. a separate WordPress site, unless 90% of your content would be on 3D or the blog; in which case the one with 10% would not be that important anyway.


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          Wow, that's a little scary - apparently, I've been misunderstanding this for some time now. I had no idea the IP address mattered, I really thought I only needed to make sure the blog displayed somewhere under my domain.

          Would that mean that anyone using for their blog, even if it is displaying within their store domain as //, is not getting all the SEO juice they could because it's really at a different IP address, and therefore, Google does not consider the WP blog posts to be part of their store content?


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            a sub domain is like a different domain; Google considers them 2 separate sites.

            They can still be used to help each other, by pushing links back and forth, but Google has increasingly frowned upon reciprocal links (likely not that harmful, but also likely not that beneficial)

            Google is still mainly based on unique relevant content, and non-recipical in bound links (from anchor text) from authoritative sites. So if you are splitting your unique content between two sites, its not great, and if you had the same content on both sites, its bad; especially if they are linking to each other.


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              Don't want to create the duplicate content issue! So if I use the native 3dCart blog at //, I avoid these problems?

              Guess my only remaining concern (other than the 3dCart blog isn't very pretty) is that if I move to a different cart in the future, I'll have to move all the blog posts with me too.


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                I have not researched the 3d blog very much, is the only way to use it at

                If so we have the same problem. We do not want it on a sub-domain


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                  Just asked 3dCart support about the IP address for native 3dCart blogs - here's the response:

                  Jahaba (3dCart support): If using the 3dcart blog there would be a link on your site that goes to The IP address would be the same because it would just be another page in your store.


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                    Right, thats what I thought, that would keep all content on the same domain/ip, which is ideal.


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                      Thanks for your insights on this, Tyler. I originally thought I should keep my blog on, but thinking now that I want to convert it to the native 3dCart blog instead.

                      Would still like to hear feedback from other 3dCart users who are using the 3dCart blog - what works well, what doesn't, did you do any custom formatting of posts, what tips would you give someone considering using it, etc., or maybe links to your sites if you are using it successfully?


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                        Just curious what you would up doing in terms of your blog. I'm having the same questions as you but the native 3dcart blog gives me duplicate content in WMT.


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                          Hi, ashults74 - Sorry for the much-delayed response!

                          I decided not to use the 3dCart blog - just didn't look as professional as my external blog. I see that some blog features were improved in a recent release, so I'll look at it again, but think I'm happy where I am.
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